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    1. What is Wrapp’d?

    Wrapp’d is your new-age gifting partner, with complete and most reliable gifting solutions for any and every occasion. We help you make the experience of gifting more meaningful and involved.

    At Wrapp’d, you can create a gift registry for just about any occasion, and fill it with your personal selection of products across the internet. You can then share this registry with your friends and family and let them know what you’d really like. You can also be a part of a registry that a friend or family has created, and gift them something close to their heart.

    2. Who is the team behind Wrapp’d?

    Tired of receiving gifts they didn’t really want and exhausted by the efforts of re-gifting, four young friends decided to pursue their entrepreneurial calling and start something together, and Wrapp’d was their perfect homerun. The sole purpose of starting Wrapp’d is to bring back the joy in gifting. Of course, subtly finding out what their wives or husbands really want on the anniversary is just an added bonus. Know more about the founders here.

    3. Why did you start an online registry service?

    Very often, you appreciate the thought behind the gift, but the actual gift itself isn’t something that is to your taste. You’re left disappointed with gifts received, or overburdened with items you really don’t want. Wrapp’d is a unique platform that allows you to take charge of gifting, on special occasions and pivotal moments of your life. Whether wedding, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, or even graduations or an adventure trip, Wrapp’d allows you to choose what you really want and share it with close friends and family.

    4. Can I shop without having a registry?

    Yes! Wrapp’d features a selection of 3000+ curated products across popular categories like home décor, clothing, electronics, toys and more. We also have awesome seasonal catalogues. Something caught your eye? Go ahead and gift it to yourself!

    5. How can I manage my account?

    Once you register and create an account, you can access and manage your account by clicking on account settings and choosing from the drop-down options.

    6. How do I change my password?

    The first time you create an account, you will be asked to create a password. If you want to change your password, log in and click on your name in the top right-hand corner. You will reach your account settings page. Click on the Çhange Password link and follow the instructions there.

    7. What if I have forgotten my password?

    The first time you create an account, you will be asked to create a password. If you have forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link.

  • For Hosts

    1. Why do I need a gift registry?

    When you have a big occasion coming up, you know your loved ones will shower you with gifts. The excitement builds up but how often have you ended up being disappointed with the gifts you received? A copy of a book you already have, a crockery set that you’ll never use, a vase that you have to stow away in its original packing…the list can go on.
    A gift registry simplifies this exchange process for you and your guests. By making a registry, you essentially make a list of everything (gifts which can be bought online) that you actually want and share it with people who you know are going to buy you something. A registry helps your guests spend money on gifts most valued and cherished by you.

    2. Why should I use Wrapp’d to create my registry?

    Wrapp’d has been created by people like you, who understand how gifting plays a role in most pivotal celebrations of our lives. We have a team of gifting enthusiasts that’s hard at work collecting and curating over 3000 gifts from bespoke and quirky sites across India. We even have seasonal catalogues and collections that are relevant to you and your tastes. And here’s the best part, you can even add products from any of the India’s biggest e-tailers to your registry and save them all in one place.
    What’s more, you can also add co-hosts to your registry and keep track of how many gifts have been purchased already.

    3. How can I create a registry at Wrapp’d?

    How to Create a Registry

    4. Can I co-host a registry with a friend/ partner? How can we go about it?

    Of course! The more the merrier.

    Co-hosting on Wrapp’d is simple. Once you create a registry, you must add the co-host’s email id in the Registry Settings page. That person will then receive an e-invite to become a co-host. You can receive similar invitations from your friends too.

    Remember, Wrapp’d identifies you (a unique user) based on your email id, so be sure to sign up or sign in with the same id that the invite was sent to!

    5. How can I add a gift to my registry?

    Browse our extensive catalogue of handpicked products. If something catches your eye, click on the button that says “Add to Registry” and add it to your registry. If you want a greater choiceany website on the internet, as long as they ship to India.

    6. Can I add products from out of India?

    As long as the website ships to India, sure you can.

    7. Can I save my registry and edit/modify it later?

    Of course. Once you’ve filled in the basic details, you can choose to finish your registry in one go or in parts. Each time you log in, you can click on Registry Settings to change the details of your registry. You can also continue adding gifts even after you’ve shared your registry with friends and family; how’s that for ‘creative freedom’?

    8. How do I share my registry?

    Once you are ready with your registry, click on the ‘Invite Guests’ link. Type in the email addresses of the people you want to share it with. They will receive an e-invite with a link to your registry. You can also share your reqistry link through Facebook.

    9. How can I keep track of who has selected which item?

    Once you log in to your registry, you can see the ‘Gift Analytics' Page where you will see how many gifts have been fulfilled or bought by your guests for you including some really cool statistics. You will also receive a mail each time a gift has been checked off.

    10. Are there any charges that I should know of?

    Some of the best things in life are free and so is Wrapp’d! We levy no charges whatsoever for our registry services.

    11. What do I do if my event has been cancelled or delayed?

    Log in to you Wrapp’d account, go to your Registry and click on ‘Registry Settings.’ You can modify the details like, time, venue etc. You can also delete your registry, if your event has been cancelled.

    12. What happens with my Registry once my event is over? Or once all my gifts have been fulfilled?

    Then you’re done and dusted! The record of all gifts received to you stays as long as you wish.

    13. How long does shipping take? Will I be notified before all the gifts are delivered?

    All products selected from Wrapp’d are sold from third party vendors and e-commerce sites. That depends on the shipping policy of the e-commerce site you choose to pick products from.

    14. How can I delete my registry?

    You can go to the manage registries page and click on delete but its always better to keep your registries for a record of all gifts you have recieved.

  • For Guest

    1. How can I find my friend’s registry?

    You will get an email notification when a friend shares a gift registry with you. Simply follow the link to view your friend’s registry. Sign in or sign up, to purchase a gift for their registry, you can even to suggest other gifts for your friend, You can also click on ‘Find Registry’ and enter your friend’s name if it’s a public registry.

    2. How can I ensure that someone else hasn’t already bought something I choose?

    You will be able to see which gifts have already been ticked off or bought while you’re on the registry.

    3. How do I purchase a gift from the registry?

    Its easy! Open the registry, scroll through the items, and select the one you want. You can click on “Buy Now”. It will take you to the merchant site from where the product has been chosen and you can purchase the gift.

    4. How will my friends know that the gift is from me?

    Your friend will get an email notification once you have bought or ticked off a gift.

    5. I’ve identified a gift I want to fulfil. Do I necessarily have to buy it from your website?

    Well, it would be much easier and more fun to buy it from Wrapp’d but you can also buy it directly off the vendor website and just tick it off on Wrapp’d.

    6. Can I fulfil a gift if I’m not in India?

    Yes, of course. Just log onto Wrapp’d from wherever you are, buy the gift and get it delivered to your friend. Easy-peasy.

    7. What is the privacy policy? Will everyone know how much I’ve spent?

    No, only the host of the registry will know which gift you have picked and paid for. Others will only see that gift as bought./p>

    8. Do I need to bear any extra shipping or customs charges?

    This is dependent on the shipping policy of the merchant site from where you have purchased the gift.

    9. Can my friend return the gift I bought for them?

    Wrapp’d is not involved in modifications, cancellations or other changes or charges. This is dependent on the returns and exchange policy of the merchant site from where you have purchased the gift.


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