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how to make a registry

reason to celebrate

Choose your reason to celebrate

Isn’t it fun when you get the gifts you really want? So how do you ensure that? With Wrapp’d!

Birthday, wedding, anniversary, house warming, baby shower, becoming an aunt or an uncle; whatever your reason! Click on Create Registry and celebrate anything and everything that makes you happy!

Once you’ve picked your occasion save your celebration details – date, venue, time, party theme and more. You can also upload your photos to give it the personal touch. And if you haven’t worked out the specifics of the party, that’s alright too. You can always say you’re ‘Undecided’ and update the event later.

handpicked gift

Select from our handpicked list of gifts, or add your own

This is the fun part you’ve been waiting for since you arrived on Wrapp’d.

It’s time to think about all the gifts you’d like to receive. From the tiniest to the most extravagant one – add all of them to your registry! Make sure it’s a mix of various price ranges so it’s easier for your loved ones to gift you something unique while retaining their freedom to spend.

Did you know you could add gifts to your registry from some of the best products across various categories like - Home, Electronics, Fashion to Mom & Baby, Toddlers, Kids, Teens, Experiences and Precious Items, handpicked by the experts at Wrapp’d? And if you have something else you love, simply copy paste URL of the product page from any e-commerce website and paste it on your registry to add to it.

handpicked gift

Share with family and friends

Once you’ve made your gift registry, share your unique event invite with all your friends and family members, and maybe even those unimportant guests whom you invite just to get more gifts.

When you share your registry with your loved ones, they’ll receive a personalized invite from you, making them feel extra special and extra generous. See where we’re going from here? They’ll also be glad that they’ve gifted you something which holds an extra special place in your heart. It’s a clear win-win situation!

Wait to unwrap the excitement!

Wasn’t That Simple? Now all you have to do is wait for the gifts to start pouring in!

Create your Registry

Expert Tips To Keep In MIND…

  • Be specific yet fun while creating your registry.
  • Making the perfect registry isn’t a one time job, you can always edit your list later and perfect it.
  • Be thoughtful and make sure you add products of various price range and form a variety of sources to give your guests multiple options.
  • While choosing gifts, be specific to the event, be practical yet keep it exciting. It’s alright to sometimes want things you don’t really need, right?
  • Maybe pick something meaningful, directed towards a specific loved one and bring a smile on their face when they see the desired gift.
  • Don’t leave your gift registry for the last minute. Make sure you give your loved ones enough time to choose a gift for you.
  • Make sure you’ve entered the date and venue of the celebration correctly.
  • Don’t forget to specify if you’d like the gifts shipped home or brought over during the party.

Welcome to Wrapp’d.

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