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Do you know what happens when the worlds of a shopaholic tech freak, an investment banker with an affinity to take risks, an MBA in Finance with the love for travel and photography and an education consultant collide? Well if this was Bollywood, it would be yet another ‘overcoming inhibitions and coming off age’ kind of a movie, and most likely the so-so kind. Lucky for all of them (and us!) this is real life, and when these four super-awesome people came together, India's foremost online gifting registry was born.

Meet the geniuses who have made gifting a breeze for us!

Anant Patel
Managing Director & Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

A self-proclaimed Machead and tech freak, this computer science grad is also a partner of a European joint venture. Anant was propelled into the world of entrepreneurship by his love for technology and the genuine annoyances of receiving too many gifts with no utility (seriously, how many bath chairs do you think a new born kid needs? Certainly not six of them!)

At Wrapp'd, Anant enjoys creating and enhancing seamless user experience with the best of the latest technology. Those easy steps for shopping? Say thanks to him!

Nischint Sanghavi
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder

A Chartered Accountant and a MBA from Boston University, Nischint is also the financial brains behind the venture. He comes to Wrapp'd with 14 years of experience in financial services and consulting. And it's a great thing too, he quite efficiently keeps the others in check when they get a little ahead of themselves and start making extravagant plans.

Despite filling in the serious role of a CEO, his love for travel and eye for photography makes him the best person to overlook the design and product curation aspects of Wrapp'd.

Purvi Tantia
Director and Co-founder

Purvi is always about helping people out, helping people discover the best. Whether it's her entrepreneurial role as an education consultant to young students or her impeccable judgment while outlining the customer relations guidelines, Purvi is a leader and team player through and through. Her pure enthusiasm for gifting and high EQ makes her the most valuable and relatable member of Wrapp'd.

Gaurav Khandelwal
Director and Co-founder

From co-founding a hedge fund to being an alternative asset manager, Gaurav is all about dreaming big and going all out. Apart from the obvious business potential he sees in the gifting space, he's in it for the sheer efficiency of the service. Because, of course time is money!

At Wrapp'd, he works along with Anant to make the user experience top class, ultimately making Wrapp'd the Xerox of printing.


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