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Not sure where to start? Read our handy guide to get ideas for gifts to add to your registry

Wedding Registry

A wedding registry is a great opportunity to select things you want for your new home. While making the list, go over each room in your house. List out things that are both needs as well as wants. A couch may be a need but an Italian leather L-seated sofa set is an indulgence—go for it. If you like dim lighting, add floor lamps and scented candles in your registry. Elegant dinnerware, custom-made linen, a wine rack and bar, photo frames, a home theatre system are all things that will spruce up your home.

You should also add certain short-term indulgences into your wedding registry. You can ask friends and family to book you a flight, a hotel room or even a sightseeing package for your honeymoon, add certain luxury items your spouse-to-be has been hankering for, such as an expensive gadget or a designer sari, or even a couple’s massage for the day after your wedding. This is the time both you and your partner are the centre of attention and deserve all the pampering you can get.

Birthday Registry

Unlike one for a wedding, a birthday registry can be purely indulgent. Since you’re sharing the registry with only those close to you, this is a good time to ask for things that have been on your wishlist. A pair of shoes you’ve been lusting after? A designer dress or an interesting poster for your room—add and enjoy.

Birthdays are also a great time to ask your friends and family to help you get a trendy new gadget you’ve been dreaming of. The latest iPhone in the market? Add it!

Think of the bigger picture while creating your birthday registry—suppose you have been saving up for a big vacation; ask your friends and family buy you a flight ticket or your accommodation at the destination you’re heading to. Or, for example, you have been trying to muster up the courage to go bungee-jumping for a while—if you are given the experience as a gift, you won’t want to waste it, so you’ll definitely take the plunge.

Baby Shower Registry

You should ideally set up the registry for your baby shower well in advance, so as to give your guests enough time to pick out the perfect gift for you and your baby.

This is a good time to stock up on essentials you will need once the baby is born—from the small things like burp clothes and milk bottles to major ones like cribs, bassinets, breast pumps and strollers.

While planning your baby shower registry, don’t get so swept up in the baby’s needs that you forget all about your own—you are going to be parents after all! Add things you want as well—toiletries or beauty products and clothes to wear after the birth for the new mum and a gadget or cuff links for the new daddy in the house.

Housewarming Registry

When you’re throwing a housewarming party, chances are that your home is already set up. So a registry for a housewarming party can be used to further spruce up your home—think pretty decorative items, paintings, lamps and throws, or even things that may have slipped your mind while shopping for your new house.

Apart from things for your home, you can also add things to your registry, depending on who you’re living with—your spouse, your family or just you. How about an interesting dining experience, a staycation at a fancy hotel or tickets to a play you’ve been meaning to watch? It’s lovelier when you are gifted these special experiences by the people who love you.


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